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Sports & Fun

As one of the most popular lakes in Italy, Lake Como is filled with all kinds of adventure sports and outdoor activities– on the water, on land and in the air. So unless you’re visiting the Lake for total relaxation or sightseeing, here are some of the most popular adventure sports and activities available on Lake Como: water sports such as sailing at the Yacht Club Sailing School Como, water skiing, windsurfing and canoeing.   

For those who love sun, beach and swimming, we recommend the two main beaches in Como located within two magnificent villas: Villa Olmo and Villa Geno. Lake Como is nestled between green valleys and mountains of over two thousand meters in altitude; surrounding the lake are miles of hiking and nature trails that wind through villages, forests and along the many beaches. The best way to discover and enjoy this heritage and natural landscape is to follow these trails either on foot, with a mountain bike or on horseback. Located at a 2 minutes drive from the Hotel Cruise is the Mokart go-kart race track where guests can enjoy an indoor race amongst friends.

For families travelling with small children, we suggest a trip to Swissminiatur located on the shores of Lake Lugano in Switzerland with over 120 scale models representing Switzerland's heritage including the nation's most famous buildings, monuments and means of transport.

Thrill seekers and extreme sports lovers will find Como is the ideal place to experience adrenaline! Our diverse landscape offers endless opportunities to take part in extreme sports such as rock climbing, canyoning, caving, trail running, trekking & hiking. K2o Sport, with Fabio Algarotti’s expertise, offers a series of tailor made-into-the-wild excursions!